How To Install Allen Key Fingerboard Trucks

Allen Key Kingpin Style Trucks are adjustable trucks that use Allen Key Kingpins instead of axles and lock nuts. Unlike traditional trucks, your nut and wheel will not fly off during a trick with these trucks. These trucks have kingpin inserts instead of axels to provide a more secure locking system for the wheels and tuning.

These kingpin style trucks allow you to make slight adjustments to the overall width of the trucks. Tighten the kingpins to decrease the overall length and loosen the kingpins to increase the overall length.

Installation Instructions:

Step 1: Place your wheel on the allen key kingpin. The front of the wheel should face the screw head, and the back of the wheel should face the long kingpin end. 

Step 2: Use the allen key tool to screw the kingpin into the truck. The back of the wheel (side that is more flat) should be against the truck, with the front of the wheel facing outward. 

Step 3: Repeat steps 1-2 for the other wheels.

Step 4: Use the regular fingerboard tool to screw the trucks into the board. If there are no holes in your grip tape yet, you can use the allen key tool to make holes. 

Step 5: If you would like to change your tuning, use the allen key tool to remove the center kingpin and the current tuning.

Step 6: Place the top tuning on the kingpin, then place the kingpin through the truck hanger. 

Step 7: Place the bottom tuning on and move it against the bottom of the hanger.

Step 8: Use the allen key tool to screw the kingpin back in. Be careful not to overtighten.

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  • Luis

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How To Install Allen Key Fingerboard Trucks