How to Get Sponsored by Teak Tuning

Since Teak’s early days in 2014, Teak has always had a lineup of fingerboarders who are officially sponsored by Teak Tuning. But what does a sponsorship with Teak entail and how do you get on the team?


The Teak Team

The Teak Team consists of fingerboarders around the globe who were invited to be a part of the Teak Team. Teak riders ride and represent Teak gear in their photos/videos and receive free Teak gear in return. 

The riders become a part of the Teak family – they are in the private Teak Team chat with the other riders, get to see prototypes and upcoming products, have a say in the new gear, and can also have their own signature graphics and Pro Duro Bubble Bushings.


Getting Sponsored By Teak

If you would like a shot at getting sponsored by Teak, the best way is to use #getsponsoredbyteak in your videos and photos that features Teak gear. The hashtag is monitored regularly, and this is where new Teak Team riders are chosen from. 

Using #getsponsoredbyteak will not guarantee a spot on the Teak Team, but it will help get you on the radar!


The Latest Addition to the Teak Team

We were proud to announce a new Teak Team rider from the #getsponsoredbyteak hashtag recently! 

@fistbumpfingerboards is a long-time supporter of Teak and had been consistently using the hashtag for months. Even though he wasn’t sponsored at the time, he supported Teak Tuning, tagged Teak in videos and stories, and rode Teak products.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How often should I use #getsponsoredbyteak ?
A: As much as you’d like! Teak is looking for riders who stick with it and show dedication.


Q: Do I have to be good to get sponsored?
A: Not exactly – who you are as a fingerboarder is more important than what you can do! As long as you have fun and progress, your specific skill level is not super important. Teak would rather sponsor someone in the beginning stages who has a lot of potential and is a positive influence in the community instead of someone who has insane skills but is negative in the community and to others.


Q: Would I get free stuff?
A: Yup! The team does get free sponsor packs, but… you are expected to ride and represent the gear. Sponsorships are not all about the free gear, so if that is all you care about, you may not get sponsored.


Q: What is Teak looking for in a rider?
A: Teak looks for riders who are positive in the community, represent Teak gear/enjoy riding it, post quality content consistently, and who are progressing in fingerboarding.


Q: Do I have to own Teak gear to get sponsored?
A: It is hard to represent and back something that you have never tried. We prefer to sponsor riders who constantly ride and enjoy Teak gear, but it is not a requirement to own a lot of Teak gear.


Q: Can I DM you?
A: In general, you probably shouldn’t DM fingerboard brands to ask for sponsorships. Teak Tuning (and most other brands) notice who is representing and supporting them in the community.


If you’d like to learn more about the Teak Team and their favorite products, you can check this blog out!


  • Drayk

    Maybe if y’all like my style of finger boarding and atttitude wile fingerboarding I was hoping to be sponsored maybe if not it’s ok and I’m sorry for taking your time but have a good day

  • Kane's FB'S

    Hey teak team! I will be posting a YouTube video in a few weeks on #getsponsoredbyteak. I will be representing my set up which is a 34mm deck with a donut looking teak wrap on it, with silver 34mm prodigy pro trucks with white wheels.i also will show all of my teak rails and obstacles that I have. I started fingerboarding with a tech deck but a few months later, my friend showed me his fingerboard set up, and then I instantly ordered parts to put together a complete and ever since then I have been learning new tricks and love fingerboarding. I am pretty confident in my self when I put my fingers on the board and I enjoy fingerboarding. I would love to be sponsored by you guys because I enjoy it a lot my YouTube video will come out in the next couple of weeks. It would be Amazing to be sponsored by you guys😁


    Hello I’m a young finger border and I would like to get for you to sponsor me I have bought multiple products from you and they have all lasted I want a sponsor because I think your products are probably the best company for finger boarding and I just wanted to spread peace across TikTok and finger boarding

  • Adrik

    What if someone doesn’t have an Instagram account or YouTube channel, how would they get sponsored? There’s no where for them to #getsponsoredbyteak. Are those platforms the only places to show off teak tuning gear? (which i luv by the way) Are those platforms a requirement for getting sponsored?

  • michael

    I love all your products please sponsor me

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