How Can I Put My Fingerboard Trucks On So They Don't Fall Off?

Lately, we've noticed a few comments about loose trucks, trucks falling off and difficulty attaching trucks to decks. At Teak Tuning, we want all of our customers to be satisfied with the Teak Tuning products they receive and, most importantly, foster and grow a love for fingerboarding! (and you can't do that with loose trucks!)

We hope this quick guide can help! If not, contact us via social media DM or email for expert fingerboard assembly guidance.

Inserting tiny screws with a tiny tool can sometimes be difficult. If you don't screw your trucks on properly, then they may come loose and fall while riding (and you definitely don't want that!)

Make sure the trucks are flat and even against the deck
Once you screw your trucks on, turn your fingerboard over and check to see what they look like. There should be no gap between the deck and bottom of the trucks. Everything should be sitting evenly and flat against the deck. If it is not flat and even, identify which screw is the problem, take it out and put it back in.

Screw your screws into the deck in a specific order
The order that you screw in your screws can make a difference! Each truck has four holes. Start with the top left and then move to the bottom right (in an X pattern). By doing this, you will even out the trucks under the deck and decrease the chances of them screwing in crooked. For example, if you screw the top two screws in very tight, the bottom of the truck will be raised and you may not be able to screw in the bottom two screws evenly.

Screw in lightly, then tightly
First, screw in all of the screws lightly (following the X pattern above), and check that the truck is sitting flush. Once it is flush, tighten the screws.

Still having problems?

Check the deck thickness
Our screws are compatible with all Teak Tuning decks but they may not fit decks that are thicker than standard decks. If you think your deck is too thick, our extra long stainless steel (6mm) screws will work great.

Consider getting a new tool
All Teak Tuning fingerboard completes and trucks include a free standard fingerboard tool. This tool works great and should get the job done! However, if you have larger hands or are new to setting up small parts, then it may be difficult to grip the tool. We would recommend adding an additional tool to your collection:
- Keyring Tool: This tool is longer and easier to hold in your hand. The midsection also has a grip pattern so it is easier to grip and turn. Plus, it has a keyring so you can take it anywhere!
- Pro Tool: This tool is a similar size to the standard tool but features a shape that is easier to hold and turn.


  • Talin

    Hello. So my fi gerboard is amazing except for one thing. The truck keeps falling off. I have taken it off and done the x pattern and everything. It’s tight for a bit then the truck just Flys off.

  • Jack

    I received mine today April 5 and am having a really hard time screwing my trucks on. They won’t screw in and no matter how hard I turn them they won’t go in. It shouldn’t be this hard to do. If the trucks were threaded this would be much easier

  • Severed Finger Skating YT

    Since there’s five bubble bushing in each set, if you buy four sets you get one set free!

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