Five Fun and Unique Fingerboard Products

Once you have a fingerboard setup or two to ride, you may want to get some fun and unique gear to add to your collection! Here are five unusual or unique products to add to your collection:

  1. Finger Shoes

    Yes, finger shoes are actually a thing! Teak has mini finger shoes that you can place on your fingers while you skate! It may be a challenge to skate with them on, but they definitely look cool.

  1. Finger Snowskate

    If you live in an area that gets snow during the winter then the finger snow skate is perfect for you! The Teak finger snow skates have grooves along the bottom of the board to help keep the board straight in the snow. And if you don’t like in a cold area, these boards are great for carpet boarding as well.

  1. Guard Rail

    Teak has a few different rail options, but one unique option is the Guard Rail. These are mini versions of the guard rails on the sides of roads in real life. Each Guard Rail includes reflective tape so you can customize a design on the side of your rail.

  1. Mini Backpacks

    Just like the mini shoes, the mini backpacks are a scaled down version of something in the real world. Teak mini pack packs may look cool, but they are also very helpful for storing your fingerboard gear.

  1. Graphic Wraps

    Teak graphic wraps can turn any standard size fingerboard deck into a graphic deck! Each wrap is easy to apply – just stick the adhesive graphic under your deck and use the free mini file to file away the excess material and shape the graphic. The graphic will wear down over time like a “real wear” graphic and can be replaced down the line.

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Five Fun and Unique Fingerboard Products