Fingerboarding on a Budget

Fingerboarding on a Budget 

Fingerboarding can be expensive at times because many of the products are hand-made, precision-made, or made in the USA. Tiny parts don’t always translate to tiny price tags – sometimes you have to pay more money for the best gear.

However, getting a good fingerboard on a budget is definitely possible! Teak Tuning has many products that are high quality yet have lower price points. These kinds of items are great for riders who are on a budget, who are getting started with fingerboarding, or for those who simply don’t want to spend a lot of money. Here are the top five Teak Tuning products that will give you great quality and performance (but on a budget):


  1.     Complete Fingerboard Set Ups

Teak Tuning offers a lot of different kinds of complete setups. The cheapest line of completes is the Standard Line. You can get a quality setup for under $15. 

If you’d like to do a few small upgrades while still staying on a budget, we’d recommend checking out the Upgraded Series. These completes are similar to the Basic Series, but they include upgraded lock nuts and professional shaped Bubble Bushings. 

The Basic and Upgrade completes come in a wide variety of colors, but you can also customize your own complete here.


  1.     O-Ring Tuning Kits

The O-Ring Tuning Kits were the original product launched in 2014 and are still around today because of their high quality and durability. 

Each kit includes a set of original Teak o-rings, a set of stainless-steel washers, and a set of pivot cups. It includes everything you need for under three bucks! Even though we have kept the same low price over the years, these are some of the most durable o-rings you will come across. Plus they are available in a wide variety of colors so you can color coordinate your setups!


  1.     Professional Prodigy Trucks

The Prodigy Trucks by Teak Tuning are professional shaped trucks that include lock nuts. These are a major step-up from basic trucks and will make your setup feel and look great. The Prodigy Trucks are available in both 32mm and 34mm

In general, you want your deck width to match your truck width, but it is okay if it’s a millimeter off. If you’d like to use Prodigy Trucks with a 33.3mm Polmyer Composite deck or longboard, the 32mm trucks are recommended.


  1.     100D Polyurethane Fingerboard Wheels

When transitioning from a Tech Deck to a professional fingerboard, the wheels are one of the first things you will want to upgrade. Bearing wheels are extremely different to non-bearing wheels. The metal bearing enables the wheel to roll fast and seamlessly, and the polyurethane material of the Teak wheels is smooth. 


  1.   Lock Nuts 

Lock nuts are essential for any fingerboard setup because they will prevent you from losing your wheels and tuning. Unlike standard nuts, lock nuts have a nylon insert that enables the lock nut to stay on the axle. 


Other things to consider when on a budget:

  • Most orders over $35 to the USA qualify for free economy shipping, and many international orders that weigh less than one pound in weight will quality for $5 international shipping to certain countries.
  • If your order is over $50, you can pay with Shop Pay. Instead of paying the full amount upfront, you can break it up into four manageable payments (and still get your order just as fast).



  • Jack

    Hi guys as much as I love this website and everything I thing some of the boards are a bit expensive for a small peace of wood I found a board that was like what 34 pounds it’s expensive but it’s your website do whatcha like I’ll be buying most my stuff from here anyway thanks guys

  • Patricio

    I lost my wheel nuts and don’t have any I don’t have lock nuts to I use like teck deck nuts on my urethane wheels but always fall of where do I get some

  • Brycen

    Going to start trying your fingerboards

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Fingerboarding on a Budget