Fingerboarding In The Winter Snow

If you live in an area that has snow, you probably know how frustrating it can be to be cooped up indoors during the winter! With the Teak Snow Skate, you skate the snow during the winter! 

The Teak Snow Skate is designed for optimal control (and fun) in the snow. Each board is the same size as a regular fingerboard, but requires no trucks and wheels. Each board is 99mm long, 33mm wide, and features medium kicks and concave.

Just like a regular snow skate, our design features grooves underneath to help you control the board in the snow. Each snow skate is made of a durable PLA plastic that is completely waterproof and will not warp in cold temperatures. 

You can use the snow skate to cruise around in the fresh snow or build your own snow/ice park! While soft snow is harder to pop tricks on, you can do multiple fingerboard tricks on the snow skate as well! 

We would recommend that you use gloves while shredding the snow to keep your fingers warm or wait until the snow is starting to melt and the weather is a little warmer.

Don’t live in an area that has snow? No problem! The snow skate can be used on all kinds of terrains aside from snow. You can use this board as a carpet skate on carpets and soft surfaces. You can also take your board to the beach and use it as a sand skate! 

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Fingerboarding In The Winter Snow