Every Fingerboarder Needs This: The Pro Diamond Encrusted File

Every Fingerboarder Needs This: The Pro Diamond Encrusted File

Introducing the secret weapon every fingerboarder needs – the Pro Diamond Encrusted Needle File! Say goodbye to tricky grip tape applications and hello to smooth, pro-level setups in a breeze!

Designed to make assembly easier, this tool is like having a grip tape guru in your pocket! With its comfortable soft rubber grip and diamond-cutting surface, this provides a grip tape job so clean, you'll impress yourself!

Whether you're working with foam, or standard skate grip tape, this tool ensures a seamless installation, leaving your board with a professional finish every time. Plus, it's a game-changer for truck shaping, allowing you to customize your setup with ease.

Teak Pro File is not just for grip jobs, easily carve your trucks into the perfect shape, then polish them smooth with the diamond toothed file cutting edge. How about a kink in your metal rail? File and polish it with the Teak Pro File.

Each file has a soft grip that is comfortable and easy to hold while you use the file. Each file also features an engraved Teak Tuning logo. 

Since this file is a diamond encrusted file, it will not wear down over time like standard files. Whether you want to use this on soft materials like foam grip, or you’d like to use it with steel and metal, this file is guaranteed to last a long time without wearing down.

This versatile file works great for:

  • Foam grip and skate grip application
  • Shaping and polishing fingerboard trucks
  • Sanding, fixing, and polishing rails and other metal/steel obstacles

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Every Fingerboarder Needs This: The Pro Diamond Encrusted File