Eco Resin Wheels: Great Fingerboard Wheels on a Budget

Teak Tuning just released a new Eco Resin Wheel! This new Eco Resin wheel is a part of the Eco Series, a lineup of wheels that are great for fingerboarders on a budget. These resin wheels are a step above the standard Eco Series wheels and are the perfect options for riders who want an affordable yet good fingerboard wheel.

Measuring 7.7mm in diameter and 4.9mm wide, the Slim Conical shape wheels are similar in size, but are slightly more conical in shape than standard fingerboard wheels.

These wheels have a 81D durometer which means they are hard and smooth when you ride them. This resin material is also perfect for both indoor and outdoor surfaces. 

Each wheel contains a single ABEC-7 bearing. Similar to our Teak Ultraspin bearings, these sturdy bearings allow a high level of movement and control.

Wheel Specs: 

Material: Resin
Shape: “Slim Conical” Shape
Hardness: 81D Durometer
Size: 7.7mm diameter, 4.9mm wide
Bearing Type: ABEC-7 

How does the resin material compare to urethane?

Urethane is one of the most popular fingerboard wheel materials, and Teak Tuning has many urethane wheels. While urethane and resin have different feels, both are great for fingerboarding. This resin material is a hard duremoter (81D) that feels less grippy and more smooth.  

What is the difference between the Eco Resin Ses and the Apex Wheels

Apex Wheels are our premiere fingerboard wheels that are made in the USA from start to finish. While Apex Wheels are our highest quality, some riders prefer to use wheels that are a little more budget friendly. 

How can I find out about new products like these?

Here are a few ways to stay in the loop:

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  • Check out the “New” section on the website. All new items are added to the “New” section on the website so new items are quick and easy to find.
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Eco Resin Wheels: Great Fingerboard Wheels on a Budget