Boxy Shaped Fingerboard Decks

If you’re looking for a unique fingerboard shape that is easy to ride, the new Teak Boxy shape is for you! Boxy Decks with color matching plies are now available on the Teak website and Amazon. While standard fingerboard decks have rounded nose and tail, the nose and tail of the new Boxy Decks has a more squared-off shape. 

This boxy shape is a fun and unique combination between the standard “popsicle” deck shape with a cruiser shape. It’s great for doing tricks, but is also perfect for cruising and riding transition as well. 

The Boxy Deck features the same medium kicks and concave as the original Teak decks. Even though the nose and tail are a different shape to standard fingerboard decks, these boards are easy to do tricks with and ride. 


Each deck is 33.5mm wide and 96mm long and it features matching top and bottom plies. Each deck features a subtle Teak engraving on the top and also has a small engraving on top with the dimensions. The engraving is near the nose end of each board so it is easy to identify the nose/tail orientation when setting up for tricks. 

Since these decks are 33.5mm, you can use both 32mm trucks or 34mm trucks on them. You can check out the truck options that we offer here or by going to the truck section on the website. 

Each deck is handmade from five cross-grain plies of high quality wood veneer for maximum strength and durability. Some version also feature six plies for added thickness and weight. Some bottom plies are natural woods like maple and ebony, while others feature dyed bottom and top plies. Both the bottom and top ply feature a glossy finish. 

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Boxy Shaped Fingerboard Decks