Simple, Yet Versatile: The New “Big Slab” Monument Ramp

Did you know that the new Monument Ramps are all modular? This means that they have been designed to be able to work well as individual ramps, but they also fit together. You can combine many Monument ramps to make a new spot, ramp, or even full fingerboard park! 

The “Big Slab” ramp is a manual pad that features a Teak logo on the side. This manny pad has a flat top for manuals and edges that are perfect for grinds and slides. The "Big Slab" manny pad is 1" tall and features a flat riding surface that measures 5.5" wide and 3" long.

Even though this is a great stand-alone fingerboard obstacle, it has also been designed to fit with many other Monument ramps. The base dimensions are the same as the ledge ramp and the stoop ramp. If you also own a ledge ramp or a stoop ramp, you can use the Big Slab to increase the height of the ledge ramp or stoop ramp since it fits underneath. You can also prop them against each other to make a bank or kicker setup like in the video below.

Teak Tuning's Monument Series obstacles are custom molded with a unique blend of polymers for smoothness and exceptional durability. The versatile polymer modified concrete has superior physical and performance properties compared to regular concrete products. Each ramp will also come with a Teak sticker and a sheet of non-slider material that you can cut and place on the bottom of your obstacle. Due to the weight of concrete ramps, non-sliders may not be needed but will always be included.

Just like concrete skateboard obstacles, the Monument Series ramps will start to have a “real wear” look after they have been shredded for a while.

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Simple, Yet Versatile: The New “Big Slab” Monument Ramp