Assembling & Riding the New XL Fingerboard Park Bench

Teak Tuning just released a new wooden fingerboard ramp that is perfect for fingerboarders of all skill levels! 

The Park Bench measures 9.25 inches in total length, with a bench surface measuring 8.5 inches long. The ramp stands 4 inches tall and 4 inches long. With two riding surfaces, there’s plenty of space for grinds, slides, tricks, and combos! 

The XL Park Bench is modular and can be broken down for easy storage and easily assembled when you’re ready to ride! 

Assembly Instructions:

  1. Snap the two base pieces together on the sides of the seat. When these parts are snapped together, the grinding surface should be flush and even across the entire bench seat.
  2. Place the long top part of the bench and press it down until both sides snap into place.
  3. Enjoy riding the bench     

Yup, it’s that easy! Assembly is quick and easy with four pieces that snap together. Once snapped together, the ramp is sturdy and will not fall apart while you ride it.

In addition to being a ramp, we’ve added slots to the ramp that can be used to hold and display fingerboard completes and decks! 

Simply place the nose or tail of the deck into the slot from either side of the ramp and you can display your boards! These slots will hold boards up to 35mm wide and will not damage the tape on your board. 

Want to see the Park Bench in action? Check out this video:

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Assembling & Riding the New XL Fingerboard Park Bench