A New and Fun Way To Store Your Fingerboard Gear

Since fingerboarding is a miniature version of skateboarding, Teak Tuning offers fingerboard gear and products that are miniature versions of real objects. The latest addition to our miniature collection is the new Teak Recycling Bin Fingerboard Obstacle.

This miniature should look familiar! It is a miniature version of a real recycling toter bin that measures 5 inches tall and features a Teak recycling logo on both sides. To add to the realism, the wheels at the bottom of the bin are functional and can roll. 

Not only does this miniature look great, it is also functional for fingerboarding. This miniature bin is a great way to store your fingerboard gear. It can fit multiple fingerboard decks, completes, trucks, wheels, small ramps, and other small parts/accessories. 

Aside from doing tricks over the bin, you can also flip the bin onto its side or back and use it as a manual pad or ledge. The plastic material is durable and smooth for riding and grinding across with a fingerboard. 

For a limited time, you can also purchase a Recycling Bin Obstacle and Large Grab Bag Combo. Inside each miniature Teak Recycling Bin you’ll receive a miniature trash bag full of randomly selected, recycled Teak items! These items may include a variety of blemished products, dented products, slightly used gear and tuning, unreleased items, and more. 

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A New and Fun Way To Store Your Fingerboard Gear