The Woodshop Convex Shape Oak Fingerboard Rail, 12 Inch


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The Woodshop Series Convex Shape fingerboard rail in oak. Rail features a solid oak construction, allowing for maximum impact strength and corrosion resistance. The heavier material and sturdy construction decrease the chance of the rail tipping over or moving during tricks and slides. Rail is fitted with heavy duty oak wood feet that are removable, allowing you to mount the rail in any park or spot. Pre-installed foam non-sliders prevent the rail from sliding around. Suitable for riders of all skill levels.
Rail measures 12" long and 3" tall. Please do not try and recreate this product at home. At Teak Tuning HQ, we have all of the boring safety procedures to ensure we keep at least two of our fingers where they should be -- on a fingerboard!


Small Parts. Not suitable for children under the age of 14.