Vinyl Decal Stickers for Wheels (Pack of 16)


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Customize your wheels with colored wheel stickers! 

Each pack comes with 16 wheel stickers and a free Teak vinyl sticker. Each wheel sticker is made from high quality vinyl with a strong adhesive backing. 

These decals are not permanent graphics, so you can change out the decals whenver you want!

Wheel Decals are designed to fit Teak 100D Polyurethane Bearing Wheels. In addition to the Teak wheels, they will fit most CNC lathe wheels. 

To apply the decals to your wheel, use tweezers or any other thin object to lift the decal from the backing paper. Line the decal up and press it onto the front of the wheel. Press lightly at first so you can slide and move the decal around to position it. Once the decal is lined up, press firmly. 

These decals are not permanent graphics and may eventually rub/fall off.


Small Parts. Not suitable for children under the age of 14.

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