Half Volcano Poly-Ramp - Concrete Grey Colorway - 7.75 Inch


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Fingerboard Half Volcano Poly-ramp made from a synthetic, stone-like material that is much lighter than concrete but features superior durability. The material is more resistant to cracks and breaking compared to actual concrete. Flush bottom for a seams less transition as you ride onto the ramp. Round rail shape at the top for easy grinds, slides, and stalls. The lightweight construction is designed with a low center of gravity to resist tipping. Includes a sheet of non-slip foam tape, allowing you to customize the grip on the base of the ramp. Can be used on its own or set the flat side against a wall or other ramp. Teak Tuning logo design engraved on the flat side of the ramp. This ramp is a scaled down version of an actual half volcano ramp in the 1:12 scale for realism. Perfect for riders of all skill levels. Includes a free Teak Tuning sticker.

Ramp measures 2" tall and the base measures 4" wide and 7.75" long. The top measures 1.6" long and 0.8" wide.

Ramp is made-to-order and will take up to one week to be manufactured before shipping.

Small Parts. Not suitable for children under the age of 14.

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