Heat Transfer Graphic 32mm Fingerboard Complete - "Bubble Bushings & Monsters" Edition


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Premium, heat transfer graphic fingerboard complete. The "Bubble Bushings & Monsters" edition includes the PROlific Maple deck with true skateboard quality, real-wear graphic on the base ply. The heat transfer graphic features a colorful Teak bubble bushing and monster cartoon. Set also includes 32mm professionally shaped Prodigy Trucks in Yellow Colorway with premium O-ring tuning (no spacers required), 61A Pro Duro Bubble Bushings in Tie Dye, polyurethane bearing wheels in Red, mini filing board, 4 Upgraded Stainless Steel Lock Nuts with Nylon Inserts, 8 black screws, 1 tool, and assembly instructions. Deck measures 32mm wide and is 97mm long. Features medium kicks and concave. Cross-grain plies for maximum strength and durability. Pre-drilled holes for screws allow trucks to be installed with ease. Each board is carefully sanded and drilled. Both top ply and graphic base feature a glossy and smooth finish.

Includes one sheet of PROlific foam tape and a free Teak Tuning sticker. Perfect for riders of all skill levels.

Small Parts. Not suitable for children under the age of 14.

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