"Lightsaber Dual" Combo Deal

"Lightsaber Dual" Combo Deal

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This "Lightsaber Dual" Combo Deal includes lightsaber colorways of Teak Tuning Bubble Bushings.

Each pack includes 4 sets of Bubble Bushings for a discounted price: 

  • Blue Glow in the Dark
  • Green Glow in the Dark
  • Purple Glow in the Dark
  • Red

Bubble Bushings are handmade fingerboard bushings that are modeled after realistic skateboard bushings.

Bubble Bushings will fit on all trucks including Blackriver Trucks, Ytrucks, Dynamic Trucks, Tech Deck trucks, and all other fingerboard trucks.

Each bushing is handmade in New York from a high quality, durable, responsive material.

Each pack comes with 5 bushings and a mini Teak vinyl sticker. Each fingerboard setup requires 4 bushings (2 per truck), but every pack includes an extra replacement bushing. Available in multiple solid and swirl colors.