Bubble Bushings Pro Duro Series - Loose (61A) - "The Olympian" Set


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Just like the Olympics, fingerboarding connects riders all over the world. Even thought we have different backgrounds, speak different languages, and live in different countries, we have one thing in common that brings us together: fingerboarding. Whether you’d like to represent your own country or roll with the color combination of another country, these Olympic inspired bushings are the perfect addition to your fingerboard collection. This mixed color set will make your setup stand out and look great!

This set includes 5 Pro Duro 61A Bubble Bushings in Green, Light Blue, Black, Red and Yellow.

Teak Tuning is taking fingerboard bushings and tuning to the next level. Keeping the same shape as the OG version, the Pro Duro series are custom molded from an ultra-premium silicone material with a consistent shape and hole placement on every single bushing. This allows us to keep the same unique shape but offer multiple firmness levels and the most prolific level of customization of any fingerboard tuning on the market. Compatible with all major fingerboard truck brands (including wider kingpin trucks like Dynamic and Y-Truck). Designed after conical-shaped skateboard bushings, Teak Tuning’s Pro Duro Series Bubble Bushings are absolutely game changing for fingerboard tuning.

Bubble Bushings Pro Duro Series 51A (extra loose): The most responsive tuning offered with maximum truck movement and range.

Bubble Bushings Pro Duro Series 61A (loose): Provide an identical feel to Teak’s OG bubble bushings but with an increased consistency of shape. Very responsive, extreme truck movement and range.

Bubble Bushings Pro Duro Series 71A (medium): A tighter feel allowing for crisper movement and tricks. Provide a moderate amount of truck movement and range.

Designed and assembled in the USA from parts from the USA and China.

Choking Hazard: Not suitable for children under 14 years of age.

Small Parts. Not suitable for children under the age of 14.

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