BLEM - PROlific 34mm Fingerboard Complete - "Firework" Edition


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Blem version of this product has minor deck defects, imperfections.  Blem version has Teak Guarantee but cannot be returned for cosmetic reasons.


The PROlific "Firework" Edition Complete is a fiery and bright color combination. 

The PROlific Series features high quality gear at low prices. It is the sweet spot between expensive high end gear and cheap entry level gear.

Each complete has pro-shape, upgraded components and parts, and is great for riders of any skill level.

Each complete includes:

  • Handmade bamboo deck with Teak engraving (34mm x 97mm)
  • 34mm Prodigy Pro trucks with upgraded o-ring tuning
  • 100D polyurethane bearing wheels
  • Set of 4 stainless steel lock nuts with nylon inserts
  • Sheet of premium Teak Tape
  • 8 black screws
  • Standard tool
  • Mini file for smooth tape application

All completes come unassembled and include assembly instructions.

All completes are backed by the Teak Guarantee which includes free replacements for parts that are broken during shipping or initial setup. 

Small Parts. Not suitable for children under the age of 14.

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