Concrete Fingerboard Stair Set, 4.25 Inch


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If you've ever looked for street spots in skateboarding, you've probably come across concrete steps behind a local business, warehouse, or school. Teak now offers a mini version of this that you can fingerboard on!

Each stair set is made from real, high quality, heavy duty concrete. Each stair set is hand poured in the USA.

Each stair set includes a Teak Tuning sticker and foam non-sliders. Due to the weight of solid concrete, foam non-sliders may not be necessary but are included with each stair set.

Because each stair set is hand poured, color may vary between light and darker gray.

Ramp measures 4.25" in length, and is 2" tall. Base measures 4". Top deck measures 2.5" long and 4" wide. 1.5" steps.

Small Parts. Not suitable for children under the age of 14.

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