Teak Squad

Join the Teak Squad and become a monthly subscriber!

When you join the Teak Squad, you will get…

  • Grab bag of your choice delivered every month at 25% off the regular price
  • Exclusive 10% discount of all Teak orders
  • Get brand new Teak products before they’re released to the public
  • Get exclusive Bubble Bushing colorways that are not available to the public
  • Get access to the @TeakSquad Instagram account to view Teak content before it is released, give input on future Teak products, and see behind the scenes operations in livestreams, videos, and photos
  • Vote on future Teak products and test their prototypes
  • Get better holiday deals than the public on all Teak sales and promotions


How to join:
Joining the Teak Squad is simple and easy! All you have to any grab bag option. A grab bag will be delivered to your door at the beginning of every month at 25% off the regular cost, plus you’ll get access to all the perks listed above!

Recurring payments will automatically be deduced monthly, and your grab bag will be shipped within the first week of each month with exclusive Teak gear, unreleased products, and more!

You can cancel, upgrade, or downgrade your monthly subscription at any time.

Once you join the Teak Squad, you are welcome to follow the private @TeakSquad Instagram for behind the scene content, early access to Teak Tuning content, regular updates, and the chance to vote on new Teak Tuning products!

If you are a monthly subscriber in the Teak Squad, please email your Instagram username to shop@teaktuning.com to be accepted to the @TeakSquad Instagram.