Scratch & Dent

Scratch & Dent was created to celebrate the oopsies of the fingerboard skate park. Either previously loved or damaged prior to finding an owner, these items are ready to go to new homes.  The products all have varying levels of imperfections, but are eager to get on board and help you showcase your fingerboarding skills with unparalleled rawness.

All Scratch & Dent items are Final Sale and No Returns.

MINOR DEFECTS || Product functions as normal but has some minor cosmetic damage. Included images show examples of minor imperfections.

MAJOR DEFECTS || Product appearance is affected by some major structural damage. Included images show examples of major imperfections. 

BROKEN || Product has been broken into multiple pieces and/or may not include all original pieces. The product's original function and appearance is likely to be affected. 

Scratch & Dent discounts:
Minor Defects = 25% off
Major Defects = 40% off
Broken = 60% off

10 products

10 products