Standard Foam Tape Roll (32 Feet, 90 Sheets of Tape)


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Tape rolls are the best way to stock up on fingerboard tape!

Each roll is 32 feet (10 meters) long. You can cut individual foam tape sheets for any length fingerboard deck, or use it to make non-sliders for ramps.

Each roll can make 85-90 sheets of tape depending on the length of each sheet.

This standard foam tape is 1.5mm thin and has a standard width of 35mm. 

Features a foamy, yet grippy feeling that wears in and lasts a long time. Features an adhesive backing for easy application. 

This is NOT the same formula as Premium Teak Tape. This standard tape roll is different to Premium Teak Tape. The Premium Teak Tape is thinner and has a different texture/feeling. The Premium Teak Tape is not sold in rolls.


Small Parts. Not suitable for children under the age of 13.