Keychain Fingerboard Holder (Limited Prototype Stock)
Keychain Fingerboard Holder (Limited Prototype Stock)

Keychain Fingerboard Holder (Limited Prototype Stock)

These prototype keychains are high quality products that are fully functional. Each prototype was created to test a different kind of cutting method, material kind, or design. While they are fully functional, these prototypes will vary slightly from the final design/material that will be released in the future.

Only 10 fully functioning prototypes are available in this limited edition drop. Once they are sold out, they might never be available again.

The Fingerboard Keychain Holder will hold one fingerboard or Tech Deck setup by the trucks.

Each keychain is precision cut and hand assembled in Upstate New York from high quality, durable, double sided faux leather. High quality materials, blades, and faux leather are used to ensure maximum durability and quality. 

Includes a 360 degree rotating clip and a metal ring. The 360 degree rotating clip makes it easy to securely clip the keychain to your keys, backpack, zipper, belt loop, and more. A metal ring allows you to clip any other keys or keyrings to the fingerboard keychain.

To insert your fingerboard or Tech Deck, put the trucks through the long line in the keychain. Once the trucks are all the way through the line, twist the fingerboard and let it hang from the larger bottom circle. The Teak logo is precision cut on the bottom of each keychain and will not effect the performance or durability.

A limited stock of 10 prototype keychains are available. 4 kinds are available to choose from:

1. Black/Red Faux Leather (black front, red back)
2. Brown/Teal Faux Leather (brown front, teal back)
3. Blue/Gray Faux Leather (light blue front, gray back)
4. Blue Synthetic (semi-transparent synthetic material)